Learn some more French!

Click on the picture above for another great french lesson!


Have you ever wondered why your shadow is a different size and shape at different times in the day? Watch this video to find out!


Draw a 3D Design

This video will show you how to draw a great 3D design!


Maths Penalty Shootout!

Click on the picture below to play a great maths game!

David Attenborough on Bitesize!

Click on the picture above for a great lesson about the world from David Attenborough!

Draw a Ladybird!

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a ladybird. They are called Ladybugs in America and Ladybirds in the UK!


Time for a ladybird hunt!

Sophie H’s Mum shares this brilliant picture with us. Have a look when you are outside and see if you can spot any of these ladybirds!

Maths Challenges!

Click on the Bitesize Logo for some great maths challenges!


A bit of doodling!


What can you turn these shapes into? We would love to see your ideas on Classdojo!


Here are some jokes to try out on your family!

Do you know any other good jokes that you could share with us?